Who do you think you are?

Over the past few days, I have been humbled and convicted by Job, not just his life but the whole book in the Bible.

Job, the book and the person, has always been an enigma of sorts to me.  I have many issues with the book and him.  To begin, the fact that God would carry on a conversation with Satan about one of His children is mind boggling.  It seems like a “Thanks but no thanks” situation.  I would not want him to bring my name up to Satan.  It seems a little caviler for a Father to act in such a way.  Why would He act that way?

Then there is the rant or temper tantrum, you pick, that Job goes through for quite a few chapters.  (Do not even get me started on the so called friends…another blog, another time.) His rant starts out well, I guess.  He has every right to be disgruntled and irritated.  I have felt the same way myself at what seems to be unjust circumstances, circumstances that do not seem warranted.  But then something changes, pride and arrogance began to come through his statements.  He begins to claim that God would not be able to find fault with him and that God NEEDS to answer Him.  When we choose (yes, it is a choice) to buy into a “victim” mentality, pride and arrogance are not far behind.  We go from being hurt and confused to a place of entitlement.  We deserve better and we did not get it.  Someone must answer for that.

Then there is God’s response, which is scathing and eye opening to say the least.  He very clearly tells Job how inaccurate his perception is not only of his situation but His view of God.  When God gets done, Job has no words.  None of us deserve anything that we get, good or bad.  It is all given to us by God.  We do not deserve the blessings and abundance that He pours on us.  Yet many Christians feel a sense of entitlement to those blessing and abundance.  When they do not come through, look out, the tantrum begins.  If God has done nothing else for us but forgive our sins, it should be enough.  Blessings and abundance are overflow, extras.  We need to be always conscious of the pride and arrogance behind entitlement.  We do not serve God for His blessing.  We serve God because we love Him and we want to partner with Him in His Kingdom.

Then comes the greatest twist of all in Job, God puts Job in his place but then restores everything with interest!  Why?  That is one of facets of God that we cannot grasp, His redeeming nature.  He redeems everything that is bad and turns into good, even when we do not deserve it.  At this point, I think Job was in awe.  He did not deserve restoration and redemption after his tantrum but he was given them anyways.

Oh, that I would keep my eyes on God’s faithfulness and character.  That I would be ever aware and conscious of the subtle choices of entitlement that lead to pride and arrogance.  That my heard could be silenced by coming face-to-face with God as He truly is not as I have envisioned Him to be.  That I would rejoice in the overflow and not demand the blessing.


Dwell Apart-Excerpt from God Calling

“Rest more with Me.  If I, the Son of God, needed those times of quiet communion with My Father, away, alone, from noise, from activity-then surely you need them too.

Refilling with the Spirit is a need.  That dwelling apart, that shutting yourself away in the very secret place of your being-away alone with Me.

From these times you come forth in Power to bless and heal.”

Why do I not get this more?  Why do I fail to realize time and again that in pulling apart to be with God is where my strength and power come from?  In our society, we are driven like no other generation has been before us.  Rest is needed but seems to be elusive to so many of us.  Yet, for the Christian, rest is vital, life-sustaining.  It is from this place where our power and anointing flow for the things that God calls us to.

Lord, give me a heart that hungers to draw apart, to dwell apart with You throughout my days.