Make your heart “sing”

FRANK SINATRAA funny thing happened the other night.  It had been one of those days.  You know the ones I am talking about.  My children and I had been at odds all day.  I also was watching a 7-month-old baby and while she is a great baby, it is just more thing in the day.  I was looking for some downtime.  Nine o’ clock rolled around, the children were in bed (well, let’s just say they were in their rooms supposedly in bed) and I decided to take my Chai and head into my scrapbook room to tackle the pile that was on the tabletop.  I realize that might not sound relaxing to most people but to me it is.  To rediscover and put away all the odds and ends that I had bought or that others had bought for me.  To finally organize random, odd pictures that others had passed to me and to eventually end up with a clean table to be able to scrapbook whenever my heart desired or my schedule permitted.  I decided to grab some worship music to play while I worked.  A few months ago my sister cleaned out her music stash and had given me a pretty good stack of CDs so I began flipping through those.  I came across several years worth of WOW worship CDs and decided to pick one of those.  As I walked into the scrapbook room, I opened the CD case and out fell…Frank Sinatra?!?!  He sings worship music?!?!  I highly doubt it!   Probably just more of my sister’s motto of “let’s stick it in here for now because I can not find the case for it.”  Not only was there one CD but actually three Frank Sinatra CDs in that case.  I was about to head back to pick something else when something in me said, ” Put it in and play it.”  Now, I don’t own a single Frank Sinatra CD (well, apparently I do now).  I am not one of those people who love his voice and can not get enough of it or talk about “Mr Blue Eyes”.  I do like several of his songs but have never felt the need to purchase his music or listen to him for hours on end.  So why did I want to play this?  I sensed there was something more going on here.  God, I think, was trying to let me in something.  I popped the CD in and worked on organizing and clearing my tabletop for the next 45 minutes.  When I was done and ready to head to bed, I noticed something.  My heart felt lighter.  When did that happen and why?  It could have been just the time in the scrapbook room but I had feeling their was something more.  I thought for a moment and realized that the music had lifted my heart.  Music that I would not necessarily have chosen to listen to.  Maybe because it was music for era that has long since passed but was much simpler in a lot of ways, maybe because my favorite movies are old romantic black and white ones (you know the ones…Cary Grant, Debra Kerr, Audrey Hepburn, etc.) of which his songs are featured, or maybe it was his voice.  Whatever it was, God had surprised me.  God had showed me something that fed my heart and made it “sing” and from a very unlikely source.  That’s the way God works.  He longs for us to refresh and feed our hearts and we seldom do.  He also knows better than us what things refresh our hearts if we will listen to Him.  He taught me that very valuable lesson that night and one I will not soon forget.  When was the last time you refreshed and fed your heart?  What things make your heart “sing”?  Ask God what makes your heart come alive?  He might surprise you!  Wouldn’t it be a great New Year’s resolution to discover what makes your heart “sing” and then make time in your schedule to go after it…after all, your heart is worth it “for it is the wellspring of life.”  Prov. 4:23 (NIV) or as the Message so eloquently puts it, “…that’s where life starts.”  Hope that 2009 is filled with moments that make your heart “sing”.  Mine will be!


New Year’s Resolution

What is the difference between calling and assignment? One day God was asking me what I was doing for him? I told him raising my children and being a godly wife to my husband.  Conversation between Him and I continued as follows:

God:  “Yes, I know that is your assignment, but what is your calling?”

Me:  “Raising my children and supporting my husband.”

God:  “That is your assignment but I am interested in your calling.  In school, what was an assignment?”

Me:  “A project or something that required work and had a completion date.”

God:  “When the assignment was over, what did you do?”

Me:  “Turned it in.”

God:  “Did you then do the assignment again?”

Me:  “No.”

God:  “It was over, right?”

Me:  “Right.  What are you getting at here?”

God:  “What is a calling?”

Me:  “I don’t know, maybe something that is your passion, that you work and devote your whole life to. Your heartbeat. Your joy. If you had to live without it, you really wouldn’t want to live.”

God:  “Exactly.  So, is that your children?”

Me:  “No, not forever.”

God:  “Your husband?”

Me:  “Not forever.”

God:  “So what is your calling?”

(This is what I feel God spoke to my spirit that day.)  Calling is that thing deep inside of you, that when it is touched, something comes alive in you. It is bigger than you, it is bigger than your life, your destiny and the area where you occupy space.  It is beyond the scope of your imagination, thinking and strength.  Usually it is the one thing that gives you much joy.

Ephesians 1:18 (Message) “…I ask–ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory–to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is he is calling you to do…”

Can you possibly imagine for a moment what would happen in the Kingdom of God if Christians truly understood, were intelligent and discerning, and focused and clear on their calling?  How about you are your eyes focused and clear?  Are intelligent and discerning in knowing Him personally?  Do you clearly see exactly what He is calling you to do?  No?  Then maybe Ephesians 1:18 should become your prayer for the New Year.  What a great resolution!

What would happen?


Now more than ever we need that overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit.  We need it in our churches, schools and meeting places.  We need it in our marriages, families and small groups.  We need it in our ministries and in our everyday life.  What would happen if we just dared to believe God and take Him as His Word?  How would it change our marriages and families?  How would it change our ministries, churches, and small groups?  What about our communities, cities, states and most of all our nation?  What if revival is nothing more than taking God at His Word?  What if that is how it starts?  We have prayed for years for revival in this country and have seen nothing but a few drops.  I have a feeling that the problem does not lie with God or even with His timing but with us.  We pray for revival for our nation but are not taking God at His Word in our lives, marriages, families, ministries, small groups or churches!  Where do you think it is going to start?  It starts in your heart first.  From our heart it flows to our spouse which brings a revival in our marriage.  From our spouse it flows to our children which revolutionizes our families and so on.  We are praying for God to pour out His spirit on our nation but have yet to ask God to pour out His Spirit on our hearts.  That is like plowing a field, asking God for rain for a bountiful harvest but never planting seed.  There will be no harvest.  Where is the seed?  It is in our life’s evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit.  We have become so complacent in our Christianity.  The enemy has convinced us that we don’t need the Holy Spirit.   I am sure that the world looks at us and says, “There is nothing different between you and me except the extra religious hoops you jump through.”  Oh, our buildings look good, the choir entertains, the sermons minister to our hearts and we sound good praying but what and where is the power of the Holy Spirit?  When are we going to open our eves and see that this revival that we are so desperately praying for is never going to happen until it happens in us first?  Oh that we would believe and take God at His Word.